Welcome To The @inandnear Wales Guide & Business Directory

The @InNearWales website is to support and compliment the Twitter account for @InNearWales.

We often get events, news and press releases relating to Wales and they get lost in the UK blog this is why we now are creating more regional sites hence this new one covering Wales.

This New Wales Site Includes Or Will Include

Business Directory – A fully functional business directory so you can advertise your business for free if you are based anywhere in Wales. All you have to do is use the add company form.  ADD COMPANY..

Events Guide – We will happily publish details of events in Wales on our blog and share them to our 3800 and growing Twitter followers up until the event date or earlier if sold out. MORE INFO…

News & Press Releases – We will happily include any news on this websites blog if you send us and we feel it is suitable. We usually add to and rewrite these as we don’t like to have exactly the same article as everyone else. Will let you check before publishing changes if you require. MORE INFO…

Business Advice – We love to share any good advice we have or get told that could be useful to local companies. Things like the local networking hours on Twitter #cardiffhour and #waleshour or the more industry specific ones. MORE ABOUT NETWORKING HOURS…

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